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About the Book

Joseph A. Cipparone, an attorney and Certified Financial Planner practicing in New London, Connecticut, discovered the need for a single publication dealing with estate planning and elder law consequences of annuities while researching the issues for clients.

Despite the inexorable link between estate planning and elder law, he found no single source for this information. Instead, it was mostly scattered among various texts and reference materials, requiring considerable time and effort to assemble and then interpret the information.

“There were no books that explained how to analyze annuities and how they fit in an estate plan,” says Cipparone. “I found a need and have attempted to fill it in a way that will benefit other professionals and their clients.

The result of nearly three years of research, “Annuities in Connecticut Estate Planning” is a text that represents the first endeavor to bring together estate planning and elder law, all in the context of Connecticut and federal law. The Appendix contains the primary reference materials to check the sources of tax and Medicaid consequences of annuities.

And while fellow attorneys and financial advisors comprise the most likely audience for “Annuities in Connecticut Estate Planning,” Cipparone sees it as having relevance to many sophisticated clients who own annuities.

“Never underestimate clients and their desire to fully understand their investments,” he says. “I have had the privilege to represent many savvy and intelligent clients who will gain a great deal from this book.”

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Praise for Annuities in Connecticut Estate Planning

“What a treasure! This book will save a lot of research time for Connecticut trusts and estates counsel. No other book discusses the state and federal tax, estate planning, probate and Medicaid consequences of annuities.”
                                                         John R. Ivimey, Chair, CBA Estates and Probate Section

 “This new practical and comprehensive treatment of annuities explains commercial, charitable gift, private and other types of annuities. It discusses all of their income, gift and estate tax consequences, their interrelationship with Medicaid and trusts as well as dealing with other legal matters such as durable powers of attorney, Probate Courts, protecting against insurance company default, regulating the companies and their agents. An appendix on a CD ROM disk is also included. This book will not only be an excellent primer on the subject, but provides quick answers to specific questions in its well-prepared index.” 
                                                         Frank S. Berall, Esq.

                                                         Partner of Copp & Berall, LLP,
                                                         Senior Tax Consultant to Andros, Floyd & Miller, PC,
                                                         Chairman of the Federal Tax Institute of New England,
                                                         Editorial Board member of Estate Planning, Connecticut
                                                         Bar Journal, and The Connecticut Lawyer, a former Vice
                                                         President of the International Academy of Estate and Trust
                                                         Law and a Regent of the American College of Trust and
                                                         Estate Counsel.
 “We needed a practical book on annuities. Covering this topic from both an estate planning and elder law perspective makes the book truly invaluable.”
                                                         Suzanne Brown Walsh, Esq.
                                                         Past Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association
                                                         Estates & Probate Section and Elder Law Section
  “What a unique book! It covers the state and federal tax aspects as well as the Medicaid aspects of annuities. This readable book on such an important topic will prove instructive to all elder law attorneys whether or not they practice in Connecticut.” 
                                                         Robert C. Anderson, CELA 
                                                         Chair of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Tax Section
                                                         and a frequent lecturer on annuities

 “Joe Cipparone’s new book covers all of the estate, income and gift tax consequences of annuities. It provides a key link between financial planning with annuities and the legal consequences of annuities. Don’t miss this chance to master this complex subject!”
                                                        Daniel L. Daniels, Esq.
                                                        Partner at Wiggin & Dana LLP and a frequent lecturer
                                                        before lawyers and financial advisors throughout the United States