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What Is a Letter of Intent and Why Should I Have One?

Are you the primary caregiver for a minor or disabled child? A disabled spouse or parent? If you are, then A Letter of Intent is a very important document for the security of that dependent’s future. If something happens to you, your dependent will need to rely on another to take care of him or her. Will your substitute know what to do? Will they know your dependent’s likes and dislikes? Will they know such things as the dependent’s habits, daily routine, favorite activities, religious preferences, holiday traditions, likes and dislikes? Will they know your dependent’s close friends, doctors, or dentist? Will they know your dependent’s medications, allergies or medical history? A Letter of Intent is a custom tailored document used to guide the potential caregivers of your dependents in your absence.

A Letter of Intent document can be as detailed as you desire. We provide our clients with a sample fillable form to help prompt them on the type of information to include.

Dealing with your absence will be difficult for your dependent and the new caregiver. Providing guidance for support and nurturing will help take pressure off both the caretaker and your dependent. If you are a caretaker, contact us today to discuss creating a Letter of Intent as a vital part of your estate plan.

By Jack Reardon, J.D., LL.M.

About the author: Attorney Reardon is a shareholder of the New London firm, Cipparone & Zaccaro, P.C. He holds a doctorate of law as well as a Master of Laws in Estate Planning and Elder Law.