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Annuities in Connecticut Estate Planning

Did you know that a couple can reduce their assets to qualify for Medicaid by purchasing an annuity?

The case of Lopes v. Department of Social Services, 2d Circuit, 2012, established that spouses who live in the community can buy an immediate annuity to help their spouse qualify for Medicaid. Instead of having to spend down hard-earned investments on nursing home bills or exempt assets, you can purchase an annuity to provide a valuable income stream to the caregiving spouse. Attorney Cipparone thought this development so important that he wrote a book covering this technique and all aspects of annuities.

This book removes the mystery behind annuities. It covers state law as well as federal law. The Appendix contains the primary reference materials needed to evaluate annuities and determine their tax and Medicaid consequences.

From this book, you will learn:

  • The types of annuities and their many features
  • The income tax consequences of selling an annuity
  • Whether to name a trust as a beneficiary of an annuity
  • How to report an annuity on an estate tax return
  • What to look for in an annuity contract
  • The treatment of annuities for Title 19 (Medicaid) purposes
  • How to use immediate annuities to qualify for Medicaid
  • Whether an annuity can protect clients from creditors
  • Regulations applicable to annuity sales agents

Just think of the time you will save by having this book at your finger tips. Mastering the information in this manual will give you the confidence to review and analyze the annuities you own or the annuities owned by your clients. There is no other book like it. 

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