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Have you thought about what would happen if you died without a Will? Or what would happen if you became permanently unconscious or terminally ill? Have you made end-of-life decisions? If not, who will make medical decisions on your behalf? And how will your property be transferred to your loved ones?

If you’ve been named the Executor or Trustee of a family member’s estate or trust, don’t panic. At Cipparone & Zaccaro, PC, we represent Executors and Trustees. And we make the process as stress-free and easy as possible.

Even the clearest estate and trust documents can be contested. Or your wishes might not be carried out, or someone may challenge their legitimacy. Even diligent planning can go unexpectedly awry, so we’re ready to represent you if needed—advocating for your position and reaching a settlement that’s fair and reasonable.

Have you thought about how you or your parents would pay for long-term care in the event of a serious illness? Ideally, everyone over age 50 should have a long-term care strategy to protect their home and their hard-earned savings from the catastrophic costs of long-term health care.

Benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid may not provide enough financial security for your disabled child. A Special Needs Trust supplements your child’s income while protecting his or her eligibility for public benefits.

If you own a business, it’s critical that you plan for the future. What will happen to your business as you age, if you retire, or if something unexpected happens to you? Our business succession planning attorneys are ready to help you protect your interests and assets with a carefully planned, thorough strategy.

Vacation property can be a legal quagmire. It’s a big responsibility for a family to maintain a vacation home, insure it, pay the taxes, and keep track of who uses it when. And what happens when the parents who built the house become infirm or pass away?

Make the world a better place through charitable planning. If you’d like to support a specific organization in your Will, we can help you create a gifting plan that’s mutually beneficial—and that legally reduces the impact of income and estate taxes.

Veterans (and spouses) may qualify for a cash benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs. We’ll help you find out if you qualify (or if your Dad or Mom qualifies) and how a cash benefit coordinates with Medicaid or other parts of your Estate Plan.

When loved ones can’t care for themselves or their finances, a conservatorship might be the answer. Whether due to developmental disability, mental illness, or advanced age, a family member may need someone to make personal, financial, or medical decisions on his or her behalf. Through a court appointment, a trusted Conservator makes sure your child or elder’s future is secure.

Perhaps you’re selling your parents’ home to settle their estate, or looking for a downsized home as part of your retirement plan. Whatever your situation, our real estate attorneys have represented thousands of buyers and sellers in Eastern Connecticut, and we’re ready to Real Estate: Representing Buyers, Sellers, Executors, and you.

Working with an attorney who has deep experience with estate planning and is also a Certified Financial Planner® brings future planning to a whole new level. It’s much more than monitoring your investments and advising you on your portfolio.