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Financial Management

Financial Planning

Integrate Your Estate Plan with Your Financial Plan

Working with an attorney who has deep experience with estate planning and is also a Certified Financial Planner® brings future planning to a whole new level. It’s much more than monitoring your investments and advising you on your portfolio.

Financial Management

As lawyers, we know trusts and estates. Our attorneys prepare trusts, we administer them and we continually interact with those who have trusts. We remain independent because we do not earn commissions from selling investments. Our attorneys work closely with a client’s other professional advisors so we are accountable for our actions. We continually update our knowledge through professional reading and seminars.

When you work with our law firm, our attorneys engage in the following process to manage trust accounts:

  1. Establishing and defining the relationship with the client.
  2. Gathering data on the client, including goals.
  3. Evaluating the client’s financial status and current financial management.
  4. Establishing an investment policy for the trust in light of the client’s goals and financial status.
  5. Implementing the investment policy.
  6. Monitoring the trust investments and the current investment policy.

Foremost, your attorney will listen and provide solutions to meet your financial management needs. We can either handle the investments at a cost-efficient brokerage firm or work with a client’s investment manager. If our attorneys handle the investments, we will use stocks, bonds, CDs, exchange traded funds, or mutual funds depending on the client’s goals. Our attorneys meet quarterly with our financial management clients to assure we stay current with their goals and the investment policy.

What type of trusts do we manage?

  • Trusts such as Credit Shelter Trusts and Marital Trusts that help a spouse manage investments after you pass away
  • Trusts for children and grandchildren such as Asset protection Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and Grandchildren Trusts that meet the ongoing  needs of family members
  • Charitable Trusts such as Charitable Remainder Trusts that provide income for you and leave a legacy to charity

Our Experience

Joe Cipparone is an attorney practicing law in Connecticut since 1983. As a Certified Financial Planner® since 2000, Joe has the training to invest wisely and help beneficiaries with financial planning.

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